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These 10 Non-Hybrid Crossovers and SUVs Get the Highest MPG in 2019

These are the most fuel-efficient SUVs you can buy, as rated by the EPA in 2019.

Big fuel economy numbers, tall mpgs, they used to be the sole domain of small hatchbacks with tiny wheels, cramped cabins, and few creature comforts. But now you can buy a high-riding crossover with all the comfort and tech you desire without sacrificing the opportunity for 30 miles per gallon of fuel in everyday driving. It’s either a miracle of modern technology, or the inevitable result of crossover fever-or, most likely, both, as automakers rush to meet fuel-economy targets while still providing the public with the SUVs it so craves. Cars remain more efficient, as evidenced by the most fuel-efficient cars on sale in 2019 that aren't hybrids, but the gap is closing.

Swipe through for our list of the most fuel-efficient crossovers that aren't hybrids (that's a different roundup!), as determined by the EPA's combined fuel-economy estimates. Yep, these are just plain old regular SUVs powered by internal-combustion engines, with nary a battery pack or an electric assist motor to be found.

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These 10 Non-Hybrid Cars Get the Highest MPG in 2019

These ordinary gas- and diesel-powered cars get sky-high EPA fuel-economy ratings.

You don’t need batteries and electric motors-or a fancy hybrid badge or sticker-to get impressive fuel mileage. Small, gas- and diesel-powered economy cars have been delivering big mpg figures for years without any of the cost or complexity of a hybrid system or the (even greater) cost or range anxiety of a pure electric vehicle.

Take, for example, the ten cars on this list. Not one is a hybrid, an SUV, or both, yet all of them are very affordable, so you don’t even need to spend big bucks up front for fuel savings down the road. Swipe through the gallery to see the most efficient non-hybrid cars on sale in 2019, as determined by each one's EPA combined fuel economy figure.

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The 10 Cheapest Hybrid Cars and SUVs in 2019

Want to spend as little money as possible on a money-saving, fuel-sipping hybrid?

Buying an efficient hybrid car or crossover might save you some gas money in the long run, but forking over less money in the first place is an equally effective savings method. Of course, taking that advice to its maximum would mean, um, not buying a hybrid in the first place. Even as gas-electric hybrid technology has become ever more ubiquitous, the cheapest regular cars remain cheaper than their least-expensive hybrid equivalents.

Even considering the lowest-priced hybrids you can buy, there are many, many cheaper cars available-but if you must have a hybrid, these are the ten cheapest ones on sale in 2019. Swipe through for the full list, along with each model's EPA combined fuel economy, arranged in order of affordability with the cheapest vehicles listed last!