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Used values slip but still above normal levels

Prices are cooling off, but as of mid-October they still hovered nearly 10 percent above year-end 2019 levels.

Dealers' teamwork on Alfa ads gets noticed

Alfa Romeo dealers in Miami and South Beach have worked for more than a year on an advertising strategy to build awareness. Their efforts contributed to a double-digit gain in Alfa's U.S. Q3 and created a blueprint that soon could be adopted around the country.

Driver-assist systems require more than trust

Instead of seeking trust, automakers should emphasize the collaborative nature of the technology, says Matthew Young, director of research at Thatcham Research, an automotive safety agency based in the United Kingdom that develops repair methods and conducts crash tests.

Opportunity lies in virtual format of NADA Show

The decision to take 2021 trade show virtual is an opportunity to modernize and revitalize one of the industry's most important annual events. The big challenge will be recreating the excitement of the exhibition halls online.

Time has come for a grand bargain on direct vehicle sales to customers

Dealers have been resisting direct sales ostensibly on consumer protection grounds, but that position is unsustainable. Their reliance interests should be respected, but not in a way that codifies mid-20th century distribution methods forever.