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Venezuelans jury-rig cars to avoid gas lines

The practice is illegal, has been linked to at least one explosion and can lead to health risks. But some citizens say it's better than waiting in line for days to fuel up.

ZF puts down a big bet on future of commercial trucks

COVID-19 has not derailed ZF Friedrichshafen's ambitious plans to bolster its expertise in self-driving commercial vehicles.

Dealers laud GM's Engle for retail skill

In a little more than a year heading GM's North American operations, Barry Engle has earned the respect of dealers by offering solutions to help their businesses and involving them in GM's plans for the future.

Ugly demand, meet ugly supply

The automotive market may be on an upward trajectory, but there's no question the industry is in a deep retraction with a long, hard road ahead.

Police Explorers bring the heat to kill virus

Software available on Ford's Police Interceptor Utility vehicles uses the powertrain and climate control systems to heat the cabin to 133 degrees for 15 minutes to bake potential viruses.