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The king of off-road goes electric, reaches upscale, thinks bigger

Jeep is on a new-product wave, reaching into new segments as it expands its global brand presence.

Consumers more likely to consider used than new

The study by McKinsey & Co. finds that used-vehicle consideration remains down compared with pre-pandemic levels, but it is stabilizing, while new-vehicle intent is decreasing.

Audi's electrification blitz gets underway

The expansion of the luxury brand's battery-electric lineup will begin next year and will continue for at least the next four years as it adds battery-powered, all-wheel-drive sport sedans, crossovers and perhaps even supercars.

Hope, challenges for solid-state batteries

Automakers and suppliers are racing to develop the batteries as a breakthrough technology for powering next-generation electric vehicles. But the technology is still in its infancy, and widespread commercialization is still years away.

Startup shows up on a skateboard

Tel Aviv startup Ree Auto is joining a growing field of bigger players in proposing a new approach to creating EVs.